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. in this case, i had to go to a publisher, random house, and tell them, "well, look, i don't have chapter one yet and i don't have an outline for you. i can't tell you who the characters will be yet. i can't tell you what the story will be, but you just give me all this money and i'll see you in four or five years. don't worry. it'll be great." so once you sell a book like that, after that convincing them about the length is just a walk in the park. c-span: this book costs $28 to buy if you don't buy it in a discount store. >> guest: that's right, although it is being discounted, a practice of which i approve. c-span: is it true that you got a half million dollar advance? >> guest: i can't contractually tell you exactly what the advance is, but you're not far wrong. c-span: i read that you'd spent it all, too, over that six years. >> guest: oh, yes. well, you know how it is. if you're following candidates in a campaign, you get on their plane, and what they're generally doing is they're dividing the cost of that charter flight by the number of reporters they're carrying aboard. in effect, the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1